About us

Hello, it’s Garrett and Amanda Lamb the owners and creators of Buffalo Pine.

We decided to start Buffalo Pine together in April 2018 in Logan Utah. We wanted to create a company not only about being high quality and hand crafted but also unique. We aim to create unique jewelry as unique as the person wearing it. Not only that we want you to feel good about purchasing jewelry from us.

We take pride in the quality of our products so they will last! Our rings are made with sterling silver 925, and all of our jewelry is hypoallergenic. We guarantee it won't turn your finger green and sensitive ears should have no problem. We put our jewelry through a natural 8hr cleaning and polishing process. This allows us to make sure you get your Jewelry beautiful, natural and organic with no unnecessary added chemicals. We have taken out and changed all areas where chemicals and harsh compounds that are harmful to our bodies are used in the process of making the jewelry.

A portion of our proceeds is donated to the O.U.R. foundation and other charity efforts to help stop child trafficking. The end goal is to help bring an end to the blood diamonds, child slavery, unfair wages, and any other unfair act involving the jewelry industry to our society and environment.

Although our impact is from our small business right now, we plan to grow with all of your help to make a difference! So welcome to our family and please let us know how we can help you by contacting us personally. Please spread the word and leave a google review to help other know about us!


The Lambs